As we prepare to emerge from the pandmeic, we are working on flipping our model, so that 80% of our space will be devoted to an African American museum, telling the stories of Black excellence in Rhode Island, and 20% will contain our bookshop. With plans of opening in the fall of 2021, ours will not be the first Black museum in Rhode Island (others were shortlived), but it will be the only one. Never has there been a time when telling our stories is more important than now. You can be part of this history-making project by donating to the cause: $100 will put your name on our

donor wall.




The Museum showcases our state's African American history with changing exhibits. Currently on view:

Memoirs of Elleanor Eldridge & a rare letter from

John Brown regarding the sale of enslaved Africans.




The Shop sells books, gifts, small furnishings, art and more to support our Swim Empowerment program. New items are added daily. 

Donations appreciated!

Event Space

Every third Thursday of the month, people gather for  Freedom Factora monthly salon of African American arts

& ideas held. Click the button below to see the schedule.

Our Early Donors

Champlin Foundation

Vincent J. Buonanno, Jr.

Black Philanthropy Bannister Fund

Washington Trust

Berry Murray

Jennifer Turner

Dan & Susan Shedd

Richard J. Medicke

Michele & Paul Verduchi

William J. Trezvant, Esq.

Rose Weaver

Alexia Gordon

Elizabeth Francis

Chris Johnson Foster

Terrence Green

Mildred Nichols

Paula Poole

Dan Mitrovic

Joyce O'Connor

Nancy Davis

Daniel Blackford

Maia Farish

Sheryl G. Mason

Gretchen McCrae

Mary Johnson

Tommy O'Connor

Albin S. Moser

Hon. Kenneth Reeves

Brett Smiley

C. Morgan Grefe & Gage Prentiss

Dr. Richard Lobban

Gonzalo Cuervo

Lease  Plimpton

Nicholas Hemond, Esq.

Bonnie & Guy Buzzell

William Trezvant. Esq.

Matthew A. Lopes, Jr., Esq.

RI Democratic Party

Kathleen E. Jellison

Charles Roberts

Hon. Stephen J. Fortunato, Jr.

John & Karen Muggeridge

Luis Manuel Estrada

Hon. Harold & Dayus Metts

Rochelle Lee

 Scott Molloy

Maryann & Kevin Mathews

Hon. Jose F. Batista

Barbara Sokoloff

Dr. Herbert Rakatansky

Duane Clinker

Charette High School

Joanne Pope Melish

Robert H. Maloney

Martha E. Stone

Judy Barrett Litoff

Dylan Molho   

Eric Hirsch

   Robert Whitcomb 

Michael Araujo & Elizabeth Haller

Robert Russell

United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

David P. Riley