Fourth Annual

And Still I Rise:

Great RI Women Read

Maya Angelou's Poetry


Photo by Charles Newton

And Still I Rise 2019 Audio - Stages of Freedom
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The Readers:

Lena Brayboy

Lynae Brayboy

Bettye Clanton

Cathy Clasper-Torch

Gisela Creus

Touba Ghadessi

Sabrie Pearl Davis-Griffin

Cheryl Jordan

Constance Jordan

Nirva LaFortune

Nyree-Simone LaFortune​

Trish Lindberg

Rani McNeal


Mildred Nichols

Lauri Smalls

Sussy Santana

Triniti Schell​

Wanda Schell

Shavon Starling-Louis

Pam Steager

Jamie Washam

Rose Weaver

Kira Wills

Sarah Ashley

April Brown

Kai Cameron

Recording by Morgan Ross

Mildred Nichols, who read ""At Ninety" and is 90, with a bouquet from Frey Florist